Are You One Of The 5 million Cold And Flu Sufferers? 

"Discover How A 31/yr old Cold & Flu Magnet, Kicked Them To The Curb In Less Than 24 Hours With These 3 Simple Hacks. Boost Your Immune System With This Amazing 'Secret Weapon!' 

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Saturday, October 10th, 2015

From the Desk of Luv Me Vegan:

RE: 3 Simple Hacks

Dear Friend,

If you want to knock out, treat or prevent colds and the flu, then this may be the most important message you will ever read.

Here's why:

How Getting The Yearly Flu Shot, Still Made Me Catch Colds & The Flu Every Single Season...

Between 2005-2010. I’d get sick... really, really, sick.

It felt like my body was rebelling against me, completely taken over by the evading bug.

My throat would itch and burn, and I would have an alternating hacking wet and dry cough depending on the hour.

Then don't forget the other awful symptoms... spinning nausea, nasal congestion, a headache, a fever, a spasm of body aches and flush of chills.

Turns out I first had a cold, then a sinus infection, then the flu & then I was diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia.

I didn’t even realize it!


I was working 10-12 hr shifts a day, juggling college, eating unhealthy foods and only getting 6 hr of sleep a night on average…   


...I was the poster child for recurring colds.   


All it takes to spread the Flu is ONE droplet of germs from a infected person's cough or sneeze, and then it's airborne.   


Lurking, waiting for you to breath in the germs…


Ineffective OTC Medicines, Were Altering My Mind, Making Me Feel Loopy And Harming My Liver. Pretty Scary....

I felt like a ton of bricks were on my shoulders.I felt even worse than I did before taking the medicine....

These "stronger" doses of standard over the counter medication of Nyquil, Theraflu, Dimetapp, Advil and other meds....

....End up costing so much money. Each bottle was to treat only one symptom!

I spend $40 bucks in one week, on just 3 bottles of medication. 

These remedies were draining my wallet. 

Having to take tablets, pills, and syrup  every 3 hours was incredibly exhausting. 

And potentially damaging my body even more. I was losing my mind.


I thought the OTC meds were safe, because I was purchasing them without a precription...  

Most Of These "Stronger" Over The Counter Medicines Contain Psychoactive Or Mind Altering Ingredients...

...Which is why the FDA states these medicines should not be given to children under 4.

  • Cough medicines containing Dextromethorphan (DXM), a cough suppressant and expectorant found in many OTC cold medicines can cause trippy hallicunations.


  • Promethazine-codeine cough syrup, a medication that contains codeine, contains a sedtative, and can make people feel very way too europhic.


  • Decongestants, help relieve nasal congestion....but they can also cause your blood pressure to jump. Plus your body could become dependent on them to help you breath.


  • Acetaminophen is added to a ton of cold medication to help with headaches, aches and runny noses. Every year thousands of people end up in the ER due to  acetaminophen toxicity, which can lead to severe liver damage. Warning symptoms include vomiting, stomach pains and lack of apetite. Which is often mistaken for a cold symptoms.


  • Ibuprofen helps relieve headaches, aches, pains and reduces fever. Prolonged use can cause kidney damage, ulcers, and increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke.


How could I put myself in such danger?

It Was Awful, I Was Losing TIME & Money Nursing A Rotten Cold

...I couldn't work, I was relying on money borrowed from friends and family to help provide for me, I Missed the Birth Of My Godson, & My Friend's Engagement Party. 

My job, social, and personal life were being drastically effected!

So much so...

...I fell off of the radar, into the abyss of a Mountain of Colds and Ocean of the flu.

I was literally drowning in sickness. I had no energy left to do ANYTHING!

The Thought Of Living The Rest Of My Life With These Nasty, Miserable, Depressing Cold & Flu Symptom’s...

....was unberable. I didn't want to have to continue damaging my body with over the counter medications, asking friends and family for money and taking frequent, unplanned trips to the doctor. 

Have you ever been so fed up, you realize something has to change?  

But unsure of exactly what to change?  


At the time, I managed a holistic pet food store & I only applied holistic, natural care strictly to dogs and cats, and not myself… surprisingly.

Then an ah-ha moment occurred at work one day. After another manager,shared a ground breaking study with me...

 ...colds in animals were reduced my 90%, when given certain strains of digestive enzymes or probiotics.

It Was As If, I Got An Special Invite To The Natural Cold & Flu Cures Club!

The thought to use digestive enzymes, popped into my head!  

Why did it take me so long to figure it out?

Well for one I was stuck, stressed, unsure of the effectiveness of natural cures and reluctant to try anything new and different. 

FYI…Luckily, after looking online, I discovered that they made probiotics for HUMANS!

How effective are probiotics you may wonder?

In the beginning I was very skeptical and questioned if these probiotics and “pantry cures” could really do the trick. 

My Friends Gawked When I Told Them I Was Taking Probiotics – But Their Laughter Changed to Astonishment When My Health Did A 360 Turn-Around!

 Let me Share With You How I felt the following day, when I woke up after trying one of the simple hacks:

  • My IMMUNE system was SUPER CHARGED.
  • My Sniffles. GONE! I could breath, AGAIN.

I couldn’t deny the INVIGORATING way I was feeling.

I literally felt like running down the block, and climbing up a huge oak tree!

It felt good to feel alert & full of vitality! Instead of feeling sluggish, with bags underneath my eyes and constantly feeling sick.          

How This Simple, Secret Weapon & Hacks, Kept Me From Getting Sick In Over 5 Years...

...I feel so grateful and so relieved to no longer suffer from terrible colds or the flu.

I've completed online herbal remedy classes and courses, attended lectures and seminars, face-to-face with Renowed and Respected herbalist, went to every natural health forum and connected with them, visited thier herbal apothecaries, read all of their books, and listened to thier weekly holistic podcasts

I Want To Ask You Some Important Questions


....Did You Get Enough Sleep Last Night?

....Is Your Life A Tad Bit Overwhelming At The Moment?

....Have You Over Indulged In My Fav Junk Food, Lately?

....Have You Stayed Up Late To Finish An Unfinished Project?

If you answered YES to at least one of the above factors:  

Understand this...

Each one plays a CRUCIAL & VITAL role in how likely you will catch a common cold, the flu virus and other “bugs.”  

Germs Are Everywhere...

...Your body’s NATURAL DEFENSE lessens when any of the above factors are present and your body’s immune system is left wide open..... for germs to evade. 

So if you are lacking sleep, feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, got way too much on your plate and not eating healthy meals on the regular…  

You’re ALREADY the #1 target for germs, bugs viruses and infections!

It's very likely that you could encounter a contagious person or surface infected with cold germs or the flu virus...

...If you go to work, school, the grocery store, restaurants, your kid's school, yoga class, the dentist, the doctor, you name it.

Think about it...  

On a daily basis, you are being exposed to INVISIBLE but POWERFUL germs.     

There is such a way to protect yourself and build up a natural armor of immunity...

Here’s how: 

As you are reading this, holistic, natural remedies are gaining momentum and are becoming more mainstream. Most of your friends are probably already talking about it or it has randomly made an appearance in last week’s convo about DWTS. 

Just the other day while I was standing in line at the bank, and I overheard a man talking about how he used one of these power house herbs to boost his immunity! Pretty cool. 

Considering these natural cures do not use harsh chemicals, are inexpensive, and have less side effects. 

No wonder they are gaining popularity!

9 o'clock At Night, My Frustrated Friend, Called Me To Find Out, How To Safely & Naturally Treat Her 4 yr old Son's Cough, Fever And Runny Nose...

... late at night. It was prety bad. She was, exhausted, worried and upset, because her son was in discomfort and in so much pain.

Even after she went to the drugstore, purchased and gave him the "children cold medicines" full of unpleasant ingriedients...

He was still complaining of a his chest hurting, every time he coughed, and a he had a VERY high fever. 

I advised her of some natural, herbal cold & flu remedies. I also advised her to monitor him throughout the night and suggested she take him to the ER, if his fever didn't break within the next couple hours.

She called me back the next day...

...she was happy, relieved and amazed at the effectiveness of the natural remedies.

Her little boy was no longer crying, due to his chest hurting everytime he cough. Instead he was running around the house in his pj's, asking to have pancakes for breakfast. 

You can pay a lot of money for over the counter meds, prescription meds, de-humidifiers, neti-pots, creams, kleenex, cough drops, cough syrup, fever reducer, ice packs, thermometers, and doctor bills ----------– unless you DISCOVER these few secrets normally used by Herbalist and now, even celebrities are in "the know" about using these Natural, Holistic methods to conquer colds & the flu….  

I’ve outlined this for you in a new system, providing details on how to correctly use them... order to make even the most cumbersome and aggravating symptoms, such as:

  • a burning fever or the chills
  • a nagging cough
  • body aches
  • a leaking runny nose and the sniffles.

Making cold & flu ailments more manageable and tolerable for you, in less than 24 hrs!

I had been sharing these natural cold and flu remedies, with friends, families, coworkers, on social media, and in groups online...

Then the idea to create a product with easy to follow, safe and natural cold and flu remedies was born...


Ultimate Cold & Flu Hacks System:

These Natural Remedies Will Give A TREMENDOUS BOOST Of Energy, You Never Knew You Had!

If you haven’t heard of or even purchased Holistic & Natural Remedies, we’ll guide you in doing so…providing you with the healing herbs and foods for your body’s needs, to fight off and prevent sickness.  

But if you insist on just using any ordinary, cold and flu remedies, here’s what you have to look forward to every flu and cold season you encounter:

  • feeling miserable, glued to the bed, an intense cough, a scathing sore throat, so bad, you can barely swallow.
  • Experiencing shooting pains in your legs, from just standing in line to purchase the "dogone over the counter remedy".
  • You’ll be asking your friends & family to reschedule dinner, because the ordinary medicine has made you so drowsy & sluggish.


Luv Me Vegan’s Guide To Natural Cold & Flu Remedies, are NO ordinary remedies. We’re on your side!

These Natural Remedies have been used for ages by the Gypsies, renowned Herbalist, everyday people, and even Celebrities!

What do they all have in common?

....They are all people, TAKING CHARGE of their health by using Natural, Immune Boosting, remedies to treat the

I’ m-glued-to-a-box of tissue colds and the party crasher flu.


Whether you’re experiencing the 1st symptoms of sickness or in the later stages of a cold or flu. Drastically reduce your symptoms today! 

Frankly, we aren’t saying we will eliminate your cold or the flu instantaneously...

...or make outlandish promises like most over the counter medications.

This isn’t supposed to be magical cure in a bottle.

But if you want your symptoms to gradually disappear, making the entire cold & flu ordeal LESS draining, LESS cumbersome, LESS time consuming and LESS painful. 

We’ll show you how to naturally & effectively PREVENT and manage your cold or flu ailments,

...without making you feel drowsy, sluggish or too tired to do anything.

Why Suffer With Ordinary Remedies, A Terrible Cold, Feeling Drained From The Flu And Missing FUN Moments?

Not only has Luv Me Vegan spent countless research hours at the library & researching online...

but I’ve also been out on the land, communing with plants, herbs and vegetables...

....and participating in medicinal plant walks up in the beautiful mountains.

I’ve also attended major Naturopathic conferences, Earthskill gatherings such as Firefly, Florida Earthskills, Earthskills Rendezvous, involved in online herbal symposiums, Integrative medicine seminars and holistic herbal gatherings with teachers and renowed Herbalist such as 7song, Susun Weed, Doug Elliot, and Samuel Thayer just to name a few!

I’ve decided to compile all the powerful techniques and natural remedies I've uncovered into a easy-to-view, 51 colorful pages,  downloadable eBook…   

I call It "Luv Me Vegan's Guide To Natural Cold & Flu Remedies"…  

And now, because I’ve realized there is a MASSIVE need for a powerful, results-driven product like Natural Cold & Flu Remedies.

…And because I want EVERYONE suffering with nasty, annoying, cold and flu symptoms…  

To also utlize and discover these amazing secrets. Believe it or not, most common cold and flu remedies can be found right in your pantry, sprouting from the earth, and available at your local market.

Here’s a sneak preview into what’s inside…  


Module #6: Feel Better Recipes

“Feed a cold, starve a fever.” – A mother’s sage advice. Choose local organic foods which are higher in vitamins and minerals.

Module #7: Healing Herbs

Find out which herbs are the superman and superwoman of herbs. Treat respiratory infections, prevents colds and the flu.

Module #8: Zinc & Vitamin C

Have you heard of Scurvy? This vitamin C deficiency inflicted 17th century sailors,because they weren’t eating enough fruits and veggies.

Don’t just take my word for it...


Pretty amazing, don’t you agree?

But don’t take my word for it. 

Read the success stories of the people who have read and applied the secrets of Luv Me Vegan's Guide to Natural Cold & Flu Remedies.

Keana C.

" I tend to ALWAYS get sick around flu season, I discovered this book right on time. The format and recipes are totally easy to follow. I've recommended this awesome guide to all of my college friends. I've haven't experienced a cold so far. Thanks Luv Me Vegan for this guide! "

Jeanette P.

" With many of my friends succumbing to colds, I kept wondering when I’d be next. Well, with this guide I feel much more ready to confront it this year. The natural remedies are easy to make and well researched, it is so wonderful I could find a resource like this which lists them all in a straightforward and well presented way. Two thumbs up! "

Tebutebu D.

" I enjoyed reading this book because it makes a boring topic like cold remedies come alive. The book is filled with useful tips and remedies, a lot of which I had not even heard of before. There are many beautiful pictures and colourful illustrations which make the book very vibrant. Prior to reading this book, I had heard about probiotics, but really did not understand the benefit of taking probiotic drinks. This is very good book to have around the house for quick reference and quick remedies. "


" This book is really great!  Who knew that changing what you eat could help you get over a cold? It’s really quite amazing to see people sharing this kind of information as most of us now know how corrupt our pharmaceutical companies are and that there are natural remedies to all of the “medicines” they offer that do us more harm than good. Thanks so much for informing us of these things! "

Download & Read "Luv Me Vegan Guide's to Natural Cold & Flu Remedies" on your computer, smartphone, or other portable device!

If You Want To Prevent Getting Sick Or Need Relief From Already Being Sick, You Can Use These Vital Cold & Flu Hacks!

You can be just lke the people who gave their testimonal on this amazing product...

....TJ  was depressed, anxious and FED UP with life after terrible cold and flu symptom’s had plagued him for numerous years. 

After using this incredible product, he’s since been able to create a online business helping others, spend time with his friends abroad and has drastically cut down his hospital bills!


Promoting healing, providing relief and mending your body so you can feel better the next day... 

Giving you enough energy to go to the GYM, grocery shopping, TRAVEL with friends, present your report, take the kids to park, run errands, go to work, etc...

You know...the norm!

Saving you an inordinate time, money, providing you the ease and comfort of knowing your health -

a TOP PRIORITY, is taken care of...

so you can tend to the things that matter the most to you!

Friend’s will be asking you to share...

the gargle recipe, to soothe their sore throat, and how to prepare the herbal immune boosting juice and teas for thier family & friends..

...after noticing how quickly you REBOUND and recover from being sick.

But Wait! There's More

To help you further tackle the cold & flu, I’m going to give you FREE access to a powerful selection of bonuses…  

Usually sold for over $30, you’ll discover how to…  

Bonus #1: "Luv Me Vegan's Hack to Veganism Ebook" 

(VALUE $9.95)

This is a stellar deal, with over 50 pages of delicious recipes and information. Covering the basics of Veganism, from diet, to products and ethics. This eBook is available in PDF format.

Bonus #2: "7 Incredible, No-Fail, Cough Hacks" 

(VALUE $7)

This report is filled to the brim, with the most unsual and effective ways to stop a cough immediately. Soon, your friends and family will be asking you for the "secret" cough hacks. This Report is available in PDF format.

Bonus #3: "Cooking With Fresh Herbs"  

(VALUE $7)

Learn the basics and easy techniques on how to use fresh herbs in your recipes. Enhancing the flavor and nutritional quality of your food by adding healing antibiotics, antioxidants, and a turbo boost of vitamins and minerals. This Report is available in PDF format.

For A Limited Time Only…

When you order TODAY you’re going to receive these powerful bonuses completely free of charge…  

But I should probably warn you…

Stocks are limited, and once they sell out, we will NOT be offering any more copies.  

To ensure access, you MUST order right away…  

Because I can’t guarantee they’ll still be available 5 days…hours…even 5 minutes from now!    

By now you’re probably wondering...


“How much does this cost?”

For that low, one-time investment, you’re getting absolutely everything you need to get VISIBLE results in 24 hours or less…

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near the $200 + I charge clients for just ONE HOUR of one-on-one personal consulation. Because my goal isn’t to make as much money as I can…

No. My motivation is helping people just like YOU improve their health & lives. So while I could easily charge upwards of $97 for this ebook…

You’re going to pay nowhere near that. You won’t pay $200 like my one-on-one clients do…

You won’t pay the $97 that I ORIGINIALLY intended on selling this ebook for…

Heck, because I care about your success SO MUCH, you’re not even going to pay the regular price of $47… And yes – "Luv Me Vegan's Guide To Natural Cold & Flu Remedies" usually sells for $47!

Click that “order now” button below, and you’ll get instant access to everything…

Luv Me Vegans Natural Cold & Flu Guide, shows you WHY we get sick…

...and what foods and herbs you NEED to enhance immune system. 

The LMV Hacks to Veganism, allowing you to further expand on wellness recipes and incorporate a plant based meal into your diet, letting you learn to ins and outs of a plant based diet for MAXIMUM wellness… 

The 7 No Fail Cough Hacks Report that gives you a straight-forward, no BS approach to getting rid of a stubborn cough and acheiving the relief you've craved for so long… 

The Cooking With Fresh Herbs Report sharing with you simple, yet powerful tricks and secrets to incoporate fresh herbs into your meals through your complete healing transformation… And much, much more… All for the incredible price of JUST $9.95!

Luv Me Vegan Presents: Guide to Natural Cold & Flu Remedies (For the sniffles & other ailments)

Warning: Over 10% of Adults, & 30% of Children Worldwide, Will Get The Flu In The Next Few Months!

… Simply click the “Order Now” button below, and you’ll get instant access to "Luv Me Vegan's Guide To Natural Cold & Flu Remedies"in a hassle-free, downloadable format. There’s no shipping costs, or waiting around for delivery… 

If you were somehow able to figure this out on your own it would cost you $400 and countless hours of trial and error.

Due to the sensitive nature of this information, this would easily sell for $47. And people who buy it would be extremely happy. 

But you won’t pay that much.

And that’s not everything! 

You see, I know this program works… 

I’ve seen 1000s of people change their lives with "Luv Me Vegan's Guide To Natural Cold & Flu Remedies", and I’m so confident you’ll do the same, I’m going to give you my Triple Platinum, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Because I want you to be able to see the benefits for yourself – with the risk on me...

A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Simply follow the step-by-step, easy to follow Luv Me Vegan's Guide To Natural Cold & Flu Remedies, and if for ANY reason you don’t feel as though you’ve gotten maximum value from the secrets I expose inside… If you don’t see your cold symptoms starting to get better after 24 hrs…

Or if you don’t boost your immune system…feel better…or have an increase in energy… Then simply let me know and I’ll personally refund every cent of your money. If you feel that the Luv Me Vegan's Guide To Natural Cold & Flu Remdies isn’t the more comprehensive, effective and results-driven natural cold and flu remedies on the planet…

Then I’m going to give you a 100% money back refund. You’ve got a full 30 days to try it out, and you can return it at any time. I’m so passionate about helping YOU finally rid yourself of terrible colds & flu symptoms that’s plagued you for so long, that I’m willing to let you try this with ZERO RISK.

Look – it’s your choice. You can keep believing the myths about what really cure colds or the flu… Taking “harmful” cold and flu medications that don't work, or telling yourself “I give up”… And resorting back to over the counter meds – every time…

Or you can try something different. Something that lets you effortlessly and naturally battle colds and the flu, targeting the horrid ailments, ensuring they don't make you miserable…

And something that lets you finally take complete control over the way you feel – not just during cold and flu season, but in your entire life.

All you need to do is click that “Order Now” button below, and you’ll get instant access to the entire Luv Me Vegan's Guide To Natural Cold & Flu Remedies. You’re seconds away from discovering the techniques you can use to begin seeing relief WITHIN 24 HRS, so click that order now button below and begin your journey.

Remember, you’ve got a full 30 days to try out Luv Me Vegan's Guide To Natural Cold & Flu Remedies absolutely risk free – if at any point you decide it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll refund your entire purchase price. So take these proven remedies… And finally get that relief you deserve. 

If you have any pre-purchase questions, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, email me at or use the Contact Us form. 

Thanks for listening, I look forward to hearing your success story! 

You’ve got two choices:


1) You can leave this page, ignore this message, and miss out …      

…..working out at your favorite gym hoping to bump into the cutie you’ve been eyeing for the past week.    

.....going to the yoga collective for a zen experience.

…..trying that new farm to table restaurant with your husband or wife.

…..having the best time of your life at your friend’s bachelor/bachelorette party

….being in the front row of your child’s recital.      

…..or having a flirtatious girls or guys night out...

....Because you are sick with a cold or the flu.



2) Do the only sensible thing. Grab this offer right now, risk free and receive: Luv Me Vegan's Guide to Natural Cold & Flu Remedies. Over 51 pages of hard-core step-by-step training modules so you can Hack the Cold & Flu. All for this special, limited time low price of $9.95. Hit the buy button and within 2 minutes – you will be reading and discovering how to Hack the Cold & Flu like a Pro. No more stuffy noses, sore throats or spreading of icky germs messing up your routine, time with loved ones or having a great time with friends.  

Luv Me Vegan Presents: Guide to Natural Cold & Flu Remedies (For the sniffles & other ailments)

*Instant Download, Even If It's 2am!

Thanks for reading!

Signing Off,


Discover How Two Sick Friends Learned How to Treat Cold Symptoms, The Easy & Hard Way....

Last year two of my friends, came down with an awful case of the flu. Their skin was flushed with gray and they were walking around the office like zombies.

One decided to try the natural, cold and flu hacks/remedies mentioned in the ebook. He immediately started to use the herbal hacks at work and later on that night at home. The next day, when I saw him in the office, his skin was clearer, there was a noticeable pep in his step and he was actual able to function at work....(ie) keep his head off of the keyboard.

The other friend, though took a different approach, and used a ton of multiple "ordinary medicines", which seemed to only mask her ailments. For most of the work day, she was mostly slouched over at her desk, moaning in discomfort. She was barely able to get any work done. Eventually, she called in sick for the remainder of the week.  

What made the difference?

Buy below to find out today!


Luv Me Vegan Presents: Guide to Natural Cold & Flu Remedies (For the sniffles & other ailments)

*Instant Download, Even If It's 2am!

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